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Tripod Turnstile is generally used in simple dissuasion level access control of public passages. It is widely used in work attendance checking systems of factories, consumption systems of public institutions, access control of residential estates, ticket exit systems of scenic, sports, and other arenas, hand key management systems of construction sites and so on. The mechanical part of the turnstile contains an emergency control device, which allows free passage in case of power fail. The turnstile has different optional configurations for the applications of all building conditions and for the control of all kinds of passage entrance-exits. Different identification systems (ID cards, IC cards, bar-code, hand key, fingerprint, iris, etc.) can be configured into the turnstile system. The turnstile can be connected to any kind of controller and various consumption devices.


  1. Rainproof housing, anti-corrosion coating iron or #304 stainless steel.
  2. CNC stamping and laser drilling, presenting a novel and elegant appearance.
  3. Innovative and unique mounting surface ensures simple and convenient installation for system integrators;
  4. Direction can be set as single-direction or bi-direction.
  5. Direction indicator.
  6. Can be used with a variety of card readers: IC / ID card readers, bar codes, fingerprints, etc. (Access controller needed)
  7. Automatic reset function. Should the user fail to pass within the prescribed time (default time is 5 seconds), the system will cancel the authority of the current user automatically;
  8. The mechanism is equipped with an automatic regulated hydraulic buffer device. There is no noise and impact when running.
  9. Dual-bearing devices, keeping the gate in balance when there is an external force.